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Earn yield on your assets by supplying liquidity to Folks Finance’s markets.
Borrow against your collateral to increase its efficiency.


Learn the basics of DeFi, and how to manage your digital assets on Folks Finance.
For beginners to advance users, and everyone in between.

Basic Loan Management-62380d58-5e43-4880-ab96-36709b3bed39
Video Length:4:22

Basic Loan Management

Loans are a core feature of Folks Finance.

Connecting your Wallet to Folks Finance-6e1f5c5c-97d3-49ff-adce-05fcc016ff05
Video Length:0:59

Connecting your Wallet to Folks Finance

Start by connecting a wallet to Folks.

Creating an Algorand Wallet-e7b2da02-5f90-4d4c-a87f-42df0b132ec9
Video Length:2:23

Creating an Algorand Wallet

Get started with Pera or Defly.

How to Deposit Assets-df383199-f522-495f-843b-d6add6290fe1
Video Length:1:10

How to Deposit Assets

Learn how to deposit assets into Folks Finance.

How to Vote with Liquid Governance-9de1973f-5783-4b23-99d8-684976c6a736
Video Length:1:19

How to Vote with Liquid Governance

Cast your votes on Algorand’s future.

How to become an xGov-5b162a25-ebbf-484b-a466-acd452579a26
Video Length:0:39

How to become an xGov

xGovs get special voting rights.

How to buy assets with Fiat money-7cfd7cd5-7cf9-4367-9293-c6a135bb1d0f
Video Length:1:02

How to buy assets with Fiat money

Buy assets through Pera Onramp.

How to join Algorand Consensus (no code)-e9e28547-c411-4bbc-a572-b9556cc9eaed
Video Length:4:51

How to join Algorand Consensus (no code)

Secure the Algorand network and earn ALGO.

How to protect your crypto assets-fb900acf-32bc-4743-aa45-9f4aa5252ea6
Video Length:4:22

How to protect your crypto assets

The foundation of on-chain applications.

Lending Pools: Pact-71261f40-5eb6-403b-8b5e-2ac983659273
Video Length:1:24

Lending Pools: Pact

Obtener rendimiento de dos fuentes juntas.

Lending Pools: Tinyman-fb20f0ec-3603-4bfe-9042-7cd462bab75a
Video Length:1:38

Lending Pools: Tinyman

Earn yield from two sources on Tinyman.

Leveraged Commit-c32057b5-9ff5-4c14-98f3-238e90545d92
Video Length:2:21

Leveraged Commit

Multiply your governance commitment up to 4x.

Liquid Governance Intro-0161b823-9bd6-4ec9-9a29-99be311629dd
Video Length:2:10

Liquid Governance Intro

Learn about Liquid Governance and gALGO.

Repay Leveraged Commitment Loan-1f381543-2dcf-4c6a-8c33-f80d20411503
Video Length:1:22

Repay Leveraged Commitment Loan

Close your leveraged commitment in a few clicks!

Smart Contracts 101-d16738e9-0e6a-4a1f-bfa5-56fbd9ef9b7b
Video Length:3:01

Smart Contracts 101

The foundation of on-chain applications.

Smart Contracts 102-998640bc-f05d-4c32-b5ef-cebf8b3f6f09
Video Length:3:01

Smart Contracts 102

Dive into the history of smart contracts.

Types of Blockchains-dc13a4ce-6019-4d8d-8eb4-d357f8f3a92b
Video Length:1:55

Types of Blockchains

Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake.

Ultraswap Overview-6b271972-d4f3-4355-a6b2-07385c99b203
Video Length:3:59

Ultraswap Overview

Multiply your market exposure.

What is Algorand?-ac1bc239-8499-473c-97c0-bd33d32ef3da
Video Length:2:32

What is Algorand?

Unveiling Algorand's features.

What is Avalanche?-9019a6b3-24a6-4797-b07b-938abf838879
Video Length:2:52

What is Avalanche?

Avalanche is a fast, scalable blockchain.

What is DeFi?-d4b97641-7557-4709-bd53-1d5abc1c5a5c
Video Length:2:12

What is DeFi?

Unraveling the Concept of Decentralized Finance.

What is Leverage Trading in crypto?-33fede03-abac-4bec-9418-ea858609fc5e
Video Length:2:10

What is Leverage Trading in crypto?

Boosting Trade Potential.

What is Liquid Staking?-065e0b08-2ea7-4cb5-97fd-09e78c2d03e0
Video Length:2:09

What is Liquid Staking?

A core pillar of DeFi.

What is Long & Short?-72a6e802-d8d4-49cb-afca-fcd31d1bd7dd
Video Length:2:10

What is Long & Short?

A key part of crypto markets.

What is blockchain?-923d62e4-193d-484c-8e44-483bceec39a7
Video Length:1:20

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the foundation of crypto.

What is bridging?-da297313-900a-472d-9963-6aa982009bea
Video Length:1:38

What is bridging?

Connecting different blockchains.

What is crypto?-65d824de-2394-4371-9dc2-0f67251d65f9
Video Length:1:30

What is crypto?

“Crypto” has a variety of meanings.

xALGO on AVAX-67631433-4ac8-4965-ba82-68585a80c5b1
Video Length:2:57


Extending the reach of ALGO.

xALGO: Mint & Burn-ec78467f-fb46-46b8-9fb3-689720aedf6f
Video Length:6:13

xALGO: Mint & Burn

Bring governance cross chain.

xALGO: Pancakeswap LP-0b5c36cf-63f7-4526-8b01-52c8279eca2e
Video Length:1:08

xALGO: Pancakeswap LP

Get more from xALGO.