The Leading Capital Markets Protocol

for borrowing and lending built on top of the Algorand blockchain

Algo Liquid Governance
A unique feature that allows users to participate in Algorand Foundation Governance and earn yield without renouncing their liquidity thanks to gALGO


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Guaranteed gALGO 1:1 to ALGO minting/burning.
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Voting for Algorand Foundation and Folks Finance Governance Proposals.
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Aeneas Rewards to guarantee the highest APR between liquid governances.
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No fees and Early Claim for your governance rewards.
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Ledger and Fireblocks compatibility.
gALGO Ecosystem

Folks Finance pillars

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Carbon Neutral

Partnership with ClimateTrade to offset the environmental impact.
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Ease of Use

Innovative UI design for an intuitive and simple user experience.
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Innovative Features

Rewards Aggregator, Lock&Earn, Multiple Incentives System.
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Community Centric

More than half of the $FOLKS supply to the community.


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Algorand Strengths

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Low Fees

Low-cost transactions make DeFi accessible to all sizes of wallets.
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Awarded as the greenest Blockchain with a carbon-negative network.
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Pure Proof of Stake

PPoS provides scalability, decentralization and security.
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Algorand has experienced zero downtime since its launch.

Security and Audits

Security Audit